Youth Outlook’s Board of Directors works to change hearts and minds and make our communities safe, inclusive, and accepting. Board members participate in fundraising, networking, marketing, media, legal compliance, development, human resources, and strategic planning.

Emily (she/her)
Board Chair

“Youth Outlook was my home away from home as a teen. I’m motivated to invest in an organization that invested in me and ensure more young people feel supported to fully become who they are.”

Committed to paying forward the support and empowerment she received from Youth Outlook as a teen, Emily has long been a part of Youth Outlook’s story. She now applies that experience, public administration, and fund development background to her position on the Youth Outlook Board. Emily’s day job is Director of Strategic Initiatives for a national nonprofit. 

Cecilia (she/her)
Board Vice Chair

“Youth Outlook was there for me when I was a teen, offering me a supportive environment and community where I could engage socially and emotionally to learn more about myself and strengthen my sense of identity. I want to do everything I can to give that opportunity and experience to other kids.”

Cecilia’s involvement with Youth Outlook began as a teen and has had a passion for outreach ever since. She is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) leader who contributes her proficiency in inclusion strategies, recruitment, and demographic representation to the Youth Outlook Board. She has devoted her career to nonprofit organizations in various leadership roles.

Jenaleigh (she/her)
Board Secretary

“As a young queer person, my friends and I would have benefitted greatly from safe spaces to be out and feel seen. I am deeply committed to the work of helping this next generation of leaders, creative thinkers, brave advocates, and others be unafraid to live their authentic lives.”

Jenaleigh contributes over a decade of nonprofit human services program experience. A former Youth Outlook intern, she is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW, provisional), a Master of Social Work (MSW), and a Master in Education (MS Ed). She is currently a director of housing services and a therapy provider, working primarily with LGBTQ+ youth and young adults. 

Marie (she/her)
Board Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

“Youth Outlook’s mission inspires me. Youth Outlook is an accomplished provider of services for LGBTQ+ youth, and the team strives to do so much more to ensure the world those children grow into is a more welcoming, accepting place.” 

A long-time contributor to Youth Outlook, Marie lends her considerable talent and more than two decades of conference and event, continuing education, and marketing management experience to the Youth Outlook Board. She enthusiastically and competently tackles multiple projects for Youth Outlook, including budget oversight, marketing and design, continuing education programs, and annual gala planning. 

Peg (she/her)
Board Member, Marketing Co-Chair

“I find inspiration in the families who come to Youth Outlook to share their stories, support each other, and navigate the ups and downs together. If I can help connect more families and kids with the resources to be who they are or explore who they are, then I did my job.” 

Peg has 25+ years of marketing experience and knowledge gained as the founder and president of a local nonprofit organization. Bolstered by an M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications, her marketing and creative talent is essential to advancing Youth Outlook’s strategic communication and fundraising initiatives. 

Kristen (she/her)
Board Member, Marketing Co-Chair, Personnel Chair

“I’m deeply inspired by Youth Outlook’s commitment to not only providing lifesaving and life-changing services to LGBTQ+ youth but also to building affirming and supportive families, schools, and communities.” 

Kristen is a seasoned marketing and communications professional with over 30 years of experience. Her expertise spans marketing strategy, branding, creative design, and copywriting, which she applies to support Youth Outlook’s growth and mission. With an aptitude for project management and a proven track record of successfully driving projects to completion, she’s a valuable asset to the Board. 

Ken (he/him)
Board Member

“The mission of Youth Outlook, focused on the betterment of future generations, deeply resonates with me. I’m privileged to contribute my voice and skills to an organization that excels in celebrating community and embracing pride.” 

Ken is a passionate activist, seasoned politician, and influential advocate with a rich history of championing LGBTQ+ causes and the rights of people of color. His invaluable expertise in fundraising, community engagement, and outreach has found a meaningful home on Youth Outlook’s Board of Directors.

Christina (she/her)
Board Member

“Being a part of Youth Outlook means actively contributing to an organization that has consistently given young individuals a sense of belonging. As a proud Mexican American, I am honored to bring my unique cultural experiences into the heart of Youth Outlook’s mission.”

Christina brings a robust background in accounting with a Master of Accounting Science from Northern Illinois University to Youth Outlook’s Board. As a Tax Manager who has honed her skills at a big four accounting firm, her financial acumen is invaluable. Christina lends her expertise to the Finance Committee, ensuring that Youth Outlook’s fiscal operations remain sound, fortifying our mission for years to come.