Calling all Chicago Pride Festival and Parade Volunteers

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Thank you for your interest in the Chicago Pride Festival and Parade. We have again been adopted by the Chicago Spirit Brigade as a beneficiary for their fundraising efforts at the Chicago Pride festivities in June. We are looking for volunteers to help make the effort a success. Here are the details:

June 17th and 18th РChicago Pride Festival.  We will need 3-5 volunteers each day of the festival and one speaker each day.

June 25th – Chicago Pride Parade. We will need 15-30 parade volunteers that have the physical stamina to march the entire parade route. Loud voices, lots of enthusiasm and a willingness to request donations are also helpful! Volunteers can carry banners, distribute water to our performing members and pass out information. Youth Outlook will receive 100% of the funds raised, PLUS a 25% match from the Spirit Brigade!

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