Community Education & Professional Development

Youth Outlook’s training sessions are designed to be flexible and customizable to the participants’ knowledge level, desired session length, and format. We work with you directly to ensure all your training requirements are met. CEUs, CPDUs, and CMEs are available on select topics.

For a listing of available sessions, select a series that matches your sector. Click here to download the complete Community Education & Professional Development Session catalog. Please reach out to with any questions you may have about our training sessions.

Community Series

Explores fostering LGBTQ+ inclusivity and acceptance at the community level, providing tools and resources to combat discrimination.

Perfect for: Faith Organizations, Civic Groups, Community Centers, Youth Organizations, Individual Allies, PTAs, Better Business Bureaus, Chambers of Commerce, and Colleges

Corporate Inclusion Series

Focuses on strategies for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, emphasizing the importance of creating affirming spaces.

Perfect for: HR Leaders, DEI Professionals, ERG/Affinity Groups, Professional Associations

Educational Professionals Series

Empowers educators with the latest terminology, trends, laws, best practices, and implementation of Illinois-mandated LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum.

Perfect for: Primary, Secondary, and Post-Secondary Educators, Administrators, School Mental Health Professionals, and School Board Members

Government & Public Service Series

Offers insight into the unique experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals and provides the tools necessary to create safe, affirming, and inclusive environments and policies.

Perfect for: Libraries, Social Services, Public Health, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Child Welfare, Health Department Employees, and Housing and Shelter Programs

Healthcare Professionals Series

Provides guidance for LGBTQ+ affirming mental and physical healthcare, enhancing patient care, and creating inclusive and supportive healthcare environments.

Perfect for: Physicians, Physicians Assistants, Nurses, Behavioral Health Providers, Therapists, Physical & Occupational Therapists, Dentists, Health Department Employees, Receptionists, and other Healthcare Workers

Legal Professionals Series

Covers the latest trends, terminology, and experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals and best practices for legal advocacy and support within the legal system.

Perfect for: Guardian Ad Litems, Public Defenders, State Attorney’s Offices, Court Personnel, Judges, and Probation and Parole Officers

Parent & Family Series

Equips parents, guardians, caregivers, and family members with the knowledge and tools needed to support and affirm their LGBTQ+ child.

Perfect for: Parents, Legal Guardians, Foster Parents, Caregivers, Siblings, Grandparents, Extended Family, and Children of LGBTQ+ Adults

Youth-Led Series

Led by teens for teens, fostering a peer-to-peer approach to sharing information, support, and resources for mutual understanding and empowerment.

Perfect for: GSAs, Youth Groups, Teens, and Young Adults