Youth Outlook is proud to announce our new Health and Wellness Navigation Program, created to ensure LGBTQ+ youth and families have access to affirming physical and mental health services.

Finding a provider with experience with LGBTQ+ populations can be difficult.

  • Do they take my insurance?
  • How long will the waitlist be?
  • Does this provider actually know about my identity? 

We’ve done the work for you, vetting service providers and clinicians throughout the western suburbs who have a commitment to LGBTQ+ affirming services.

Our Health and Wellness Navigator works personally with you to identify your goals, navigate finding affirming physical and mental healthcare and getting you connected to additional resources you may need as a LGBTQ+ person or family member. Plus, this service is offered at no cost to you! Whether you need a one time phone call consultation or would like to create a navigation/goal plan, this program is for you. 

To learn more or set up an appointment with our navigator, email or call 630-201-4466.