For Parents/Caregivers

Our parent support group, Thrive, is for parents* of LGBTQ+ teens. This adult only group provides a confidential space for parents to share their stories, find commonalities, and get some of their questions answered.


Youth Outlook operates the Thrive parent support group as an online group for accessibility to the majority.

Group takes place on Zoom, Wednesdays, 7:00-8:00 p.m.

Parents and caregivers of transgender youth have found this community particularly helpful. Because we provide safe, confidential space for parents to discuss personal topics in an open manner with each other. Please read the Thrive Parent and Caregiver Support Group guidelines for more information. Parent Support Group Guidelines

What to expect:

  • connection with fellow parents through shared experiences
  • support and empowerment from caring, trained staff and fellow parents
  • resources and education

To participate in Thrive, please contact 

The group is being co-facilitators Maggie and Kelly.

Currently the group is only open to adult full time caregivers* of LGBTQ youth, Grandparents and other relatives have a different role with our kids and we are happy to offer other resources such as PFLAG for extended family members.

*foster parents, guardians and full time caregivers

Also visit the Community Networks for Professionals Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth for more resources in your area.